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Transportation planning is the process of developing strategies for operating, managing, maintaining, and financing the area's transportation system to achieve the community’s long-term transportation goals and vision.

It looks for ways to solve current transportation problems while anticipating and addressing issues likely to occur in the future. Transportation Planning review considers impacts to all users of the road including; transit, bicyclist, and pedestrian and ensures that the County’s Mobility Element and General Plan policies are implemented.

The Division of Planning

The Division of Planning oversees the planning, programming, and development of transportation projects and related proposals in the County. The Division of Planning conducts special studies and research to help assess the feasibility of advancing certain transportation proposals along the development process. It is responsible for the periodic update of the Essex County Comprehensive Transportation Plan, the County portion of the federally funded Transportation Improvement Program, and the State funded Capital Transportation Program.

The Transportation Division works closely with the state and regional transportation agencies including the New Jersey Department of Transportation (NJDOT), New Jersey Transit, the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority (NJTPA), and the Essex County Transportation Advisory Board.

The Division staff provides direct support and oversight on transportation programs, activities and projects affecting the County including:

  • The federally funded Sub-regional Transportation Planning Program
  • Monitoring of transportation projects and federal and State transportation programs
  • Review of transportation proposals required by the North Jersey Transportation Planning Authority, and other State, regional or local agencies

Processing of project modifications of the federally funded Transportation Improvement Program and the State funded Capital Transportation Program

Did you know?

With Newark International Airport and Port Newark located within its borders, Essex County is a major national transportation hub with a superior network of rail, highway, air and sea transportation and is home to one of the world's largest containerized shipping ports.

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