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One of Public Works’s important tasks is to ensure our streets as safe as possible when snow and ice hit.

The following steps briefly outline the procedure of our current snow/ice removal program. Actual storm events are assessed based on timing; intensity, duration and each event must be monitored and adjusted accordingly.

  • A twenty-four (24) hour weather watch is maintained from November 15th thru April 30th each year to alert the Division of Roads and Bridges to condition, which may create hazardous road surface - either snow or ice. 
  • Essex County has contracted Weather Works to monitor specific weather, which impacts our area. 
  • The Alert Crew is called - which consists of key personnel; these personnel will assist in contacting and coordinating the activities of additional personnel. 
  • During all of the proceeding, the forecast is continually monitored to adjust for conditions. For example, the timing of the storm - late Saturday evenings vs. early Monday morning calls for different tactics in assembling and deploying trucks. 
  • During rush hours, trucks are pre-loaded and positioned. Trucks are ordered to salt continually, as needed, to keep these roads opened. 
  • Inspectors monitor conditions and report salting needs to the loading area.  
  • Plowing continues until completed. Road salting follows plowing, as needed. 
  • Final inspection by road inspectors. Areas of later concern are noted and additional operational plans are made. 
  • Twenty-four (24) hour weather watch continues. 

What can you do?

Our team is even stronger when you're a part of it.

When ice and snow are a part of the forecast, we'll be a part of the scenery. Our trucks will be working night and day to keep Essex County moving safely. You can help the effort by doing a few common sense things:

  • Stay informed by checking in to the Public Works Website. The announcement section on the homepage will keep you updated so you will know which streets will be plowed first.  
  • When you see an Essex County Snow Command plow truck, give it plenty of room to operate and use patience. Our trucks plow at slow speeds because it's the most effective way to remove snow. 
  • Obey all parking restrictions. When initiated, these restrictions allow us to most effectively clear streets. If possible, don't park on county streets when heavy snowfall is predicted. That means smoother traffic flow and fewer "plowed in" vehicles. 

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