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Pothole Repair

The Public Works Department relies on constituent reports to identify areas in need of repair.

Report road problems such as potholes and cracks, damaged or missing signs and more via the internet by completing our Online Service Request Form, or by calling the Pothole Reporting Hotline 973-239-3366 ext. 2220. We will respond and repair any pothole that is our responsibility. Before you call, please determine the street address and the nearest cross-street where the pothole is located.

How do Potholes form?

Sun, heat, and vehicle loads can break down roads, but the biggest enemy of a road is water. When water gets underneath the pavement, the road becomes weaker. Water can seep under pavement through cracks or from the side of the road. Over time, the water can cause the material under the pavement to erode, causing the pavement to sink down and break. During the winter, the water under the pavement freezes, then thaws (contracting and expanding). This freeze/thaw cycle can cause the pavement to crack. Once cracked, the pavement deteriorates quickly under the weight of traffic and streets can seem to break out in potholes overnight.

Small potholes grow into large potholes very quickly. Surface treatments are important because they help keep the water out.

Contact Info

To Report a Pothole, please call the Pothole Reporting Hotline

P / 973-239-3366 ext. 2220
or submit a service request online

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